Time and attendance software from Simplex Time Recorders

Although also used for access control purposes, both the software programs we provide can accurately manage time, attendance system recording and job-costing calculations. Our software is a proven catalyst for cost savings in payroll expenses and time theft.
Our time and attendance software is used for accurate time tracking employee movements and can be seamlessly integrated with commercially available payroll software to further streamline business processes. When employees clock in or out, this time data is automatically stored within our software and can then be accessed for further data analysis and more efficient payroll administration
Both of the software solutions we offer are fully customisable according to the rules of a specific company, although the pre-set rules can be used as is.

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    Why use an attendance system


    We offer high-end digital time and attendance systems that eliminate the use of traditional manual tracking. These systems offer improved accuracy and efficiency for data collection.


    By using automated tracking systems, employers have access to time recording data that is free from human error, delivering greater efficiency in payroll processes and calculations.


    Utilising a time and attendance system can save businesses costs, due to their inherent accuracy. This helps avoid miscalculations in payroll and losing vital work time due to incidences such as time theft.


    The ease of these systems promotes access to important information without having to confer with other parties. Data is also obtained from modern mobile technologies with our cloud-based solutions. The user-friendliness of our systems also makes it easy to operate without requiring extensive training.


    The integration capabilities of our time and attendance systems allow them to be easily incorporated into a range of existing human resource tools, such as those used for payroll administration.

    Our software solutions


    TimeLOG acts as a complete software solution for small to medium companies that are looking for a way to streamline workflow. This data collection software gathers all data from compatible time and attendance recorders, then processes it to provide comprehensive insight into the movements and activities of staff.


    TA100 Professional is a simple and effective solution. This software uses information collected from data collection devices to provide employers with an easy and manageable overview of their workforce through detailed reports. The TA100 Professional system can be used in any industry or sector that requires accurate employee management.

    time cloud

    Time and attendance is a critical part of any business. With SIMPLEX TIME, you can easily manage your workforce with this simple cloud-based time and attendance software. This solution allows for accurate time tracking from anywhere, by simply using a smartphone.

    Why choose Simplex

    At Simplex Time Recorders, we strive to offer our clients flexible solutions to suit their needs and environment. From manual systems to innovative cloud and internet-based solutions, we assist in improving the time and attendance processes of your workspace.
    All our systems offer accurate results to assist in only remunerating for time spent working and highlighting instances of time theft. Access to this information is critical for services businesses that bill customers based on time incurred.

    Our cloud-based system solutions are fully scalable, as well as being accessible from any location. This on-the-go flexibility means that employees who may work remotely or from specific locations can easily clock in from their mobile devices. The innovation of geotechnology also helps remove the risk of employee dishonesty, as clocking in and out can be ringfenced to only be available within a certain geographical location.

    If you are interested in a superior time and attendance system for your workspace, feel free to contact the team at Simplex. Our experts can advise on which system will best suit your needs and environment.