SIMPLEX TIME – Web-based Hosted Solution

SIMPLEX TIME is a 100% web-based time and attendance software solution. This software offers a flexible time and attendance solution to workforce management with its superior user-experience capabilities. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and operation.

time cloud

Turn your smartphone into a mobile time clock!

The flexibility of this software and its add-ons allows it to easily grow with the business, regardless of industry. Used alongside a free mobile application, this solution works seamlessly to allow employers to track movements in employees that travel or work remotely. Wherever the location, employees can clock in from their smartphones.

This innovative time and attendance tracker can also restrict time clocking to specific geographical locations through geofencing, to prevent employee dishonestly. The automation of time and attendance tracking is vital for staff productivity against the backdrop of increased employee accountability.

SIMPLEX TIME can be used with any computer that has access to a web browser, through one of our hardware devices or XT Mobile on any smartphone device. Whether or not the solution is hosted or licensed, this leading technology allows for real-time data collection that can be accessed through any internet browser. Automation of this process also guarantees smooth integration even in the most technologically sceptical environments. Web-based solutions require simple infrastructure to run efficiently and can be used on a hosted level, without needing to purchase additional hardware.

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    The benefits of SIMPLEX TIME

    Does not require existing servers to use

    IT staff are not required for maintenance


    Free upgrades and enhancements


    Saves in annual maintenance costs

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