Get the ultimate access control security with our advanced software

Our software allows our customers to achieve the ultimate control over access within their premises. This software is completely customisable and combines both access control and time and attendance monitoring, which makes it the perfect all-in-one solution for monitoring staff and regulating access to specific areas within a premise.


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    Our software solutions


    TimeLOG offers small to medium-sized companies a comprehensive solution to access control within their premises. This software allows employers to define specific parameters for monitoring access, identifying employees requesting access, recording access attempts and allowing or denying employees access, based on pre-established rules. These rules are fully customisable according to the needs of our customers.


    The TA100 Professional is a software solution that allows businesses to manage their workforce more effectively. This advanced access control system harnesses features to help employers reduce costs and improve productivity when accessing areas that require authorisation. This software can be used across multiple industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare and many others.

    time cloud

    SIMPLEX TIME is a user-friendly web-based access control software. It offers a flexible solution to workforce management with its superior user experience capabilities. Its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and operation, allowing employers to easily access data for security and safeguarding of company assets.