Access control and time and attendance systems

Having control over employees and their activities within a company are critical for the effective management thereof. In the case where there is no monitoring system in place, employees can easily commit time theft or abuse break privileges. In order to exercise full control over the movements and activities of company employees, employers need the help of effective and reliable access control and/or time and attendance systems.

Simplex Time Recorders is a brand synonymous with quality access control and time and attendance monitoring for management of employee movement, as well as payroll and job costing purposes. As the oldest time and attendance company in South Africa, we specialise in providing the devices and accompanying software for the success of this monitoring. We have a strategic partnership with Synel Industries, acting as one of their agents, to provide our clients with quality products and advanced software solutions.

We specialise in various time recording and access control systems, along with its supporting software to enable employers to monitor time abuses in areas that are often overlooked and to accurately calculate employees’ payroll.

What sets our company apart is the fact that we have been selling and servicing time and attendance products for years, and as a result, we have the best possible understanding of how each product and its accompanying software functions. This enables us to provide our clients with the best service in our industry.

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    With Simplex Time Recorders, the quality and value that our customers receive for our products and services are unsurpassed. Our products rely on the most advanced technologies in time and attendance monitoring, allowing employers to manage their payroll (including overtime, leave, sick days, etc.) without the need for employing extensive payroll staff to manage it on their behalf. Our access control solutions are also top-notch, using licensed desktop and cloud-based software supporting access control solutions, to regulate and monitor access to suit the requirements of our customers.

    With the help of our products and customisable software, our customers can formalise their work rules to enforce discipline and ensure payroll calculations are rendered accurately.

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