Simplex Time Recorders – Innovation and reliability combined

Simplex Time Recorders started with humble beginnings in 1968 when a salesman working for Garlicks Office Equipment selling calculators and typewriters started his own business selling time and attendance systems in the form of mechanical time recorders. 

Since opening our doors, our company has grown from strength to strength, leading the way in access control and time and attendance monitoring systems by consistently staying ahead of our competition in developing new and more efficient technologies to manage payroll data, staff movements, job costing, and much more.

Back in the 1980s, Simplex Time Recorders came to be the first known company in South Africa to sell electronic time recorders, and later also became the first company to write its own accompanying software for time and attendance, and access control support. These facts on their own stand as a true testament to the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of our company since it was established almost five decades ago.

Since Simplex Time Recorders was first established, we have assisted countless companies in monitoring and managing the movement and activities of their staff. In so doing, we have helped our customers to eliminate human error and time theft when it comes to access control and clocking working hours.

Today, as the oldest time and attendance company in South Africa, our company is proudly owned by John Lester, who joined us in 2001 and took over as Managing Director and owner in 2004.

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    Under his leadership, we have become one of the most reliable suppliers of accurate time and attendance and access control system products. As of 1 January 2017, the role of Managing Director was taken over by Shawn Kok. Shawn’s career with Simplex started as a programmer in 2001. Since then, he has gained invaluable industry knowledge in: