Simplex Time Recorders’ software solutions

Besides the quality access control and time and attendance hardware we sell, we also provide our customers with advanced software solutions to complement this hardware.

Our licensed desktop and cloud-based software programs interface with the high-quality Synel products we stock and sell. What sets us apart, however, is our unique, in-depth understanding of these solutions. This understanding of the software allows us to effectively customise it to suit the individual needs of our customers, resulting in a software solution tailored to the rules and regulations of their space.                


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    What can our software do?

    The supporting software that complements our products can be used for various applications, including payroll calculations, job costing, access control and time and attendance. Our licensed desktop and cloud-based solutions integrate fully with compatible products, eliminating the need for human intervention in performing payroll calculations, logging overtime, leave and sick days.

    The software we use is also useful for job costing purposes, as it allows employers to calculate the exact time spent on a specific job. The software can also calculate the total hours an employee has worked. This allows it to do accurate payroll calculations using compatible payroll software such as Pastel Payroll and VIP Payroll.

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    Access control is a further important function performed by our software. Helped by our products, employers can define parameters to monitor access, grant or deny access to certain areas based on pre-established rules and record all access attempts. This allows for an increased level of security and safety in the workplace.

    See more about how our software is used for access control

    Simplex Time Recorders now also offers a software solution that utilises a cloud hosting system. This is the perfect solution for companies that require a time and attendance recording solution, without installing it onto their servers. The cloud-hosted software allows employers to log in remotely via any device, including Android and IOS devices, that are connected to the internet. This allows all time and attendance to be monitored from a central location, without the need for a network to connect multiple locations.

    Our hardware, combined with this software, allows employers to easily manage all time and attendance, job costing and access control.

    Our product range:


    With our TimeLOG software, employers can track employees’ regular working hours automatically and accurately, to effectively streamline time and attendance and payroll process. This software also tracks working hours on specific projects, which in turn facilitates accurate job costing calculations.


    The TA100 Professional is an innovative time and attendance system that can help businesses in all sectors effectively manage their workforce with ease. This software assists with tracking employee hours for accurate payroll administration made easy.

    time cloud

    SIMPLEX TIME MOBILE is an easy-to-use web-based time tracking system that allows employees to clock in/out using their smartphones. This cutting edge software helps companies reduce payroll costs, improve productivity, increase the accuracy of timesheets and much more.